All About Bamboo Rayon Spandex Knits

All About Bamboo Rayon Spandex Knits

Bamboo rayon (or viscose) spandex is the ultimate in comfortable knit fabric. It has become more popular and accessible in the last decade. Learn all about bamboo spandex rayon, how it washes, how to sew, and pattern recommendations.

What is Bamboo Rayon Spandex fabric?

Bamboo and rayon are two terms that are sometimes used interchangeably.

Bamboo=plant fibers specifically rendered from the bamboo plant

Rayon=regenerated cellulose (plant) fibers made into a yarn, and then into fabric, may be bamboo or other plant fiber

Fabric makers use different processes to develop their rayon fabrics, which is why the quality and longevity can vary.

Spandex is a synthetic (man-made) fiber that is blended with other fibers to give extra elasticity and recovery.

When bamboo and spandex are blended into a knit fabric, the result is a soft, breathable, comfortable fabric. It is silky to the touch and has a liquid drape. It is perfect for t-shirts, wrap dresses, and knit skirts.

Beautiful drape

How to Wash Bamboo Rayon Spandex fabric

Rayon is weaker when wet, so it does best with a cold wash and low heat tumble dry, or air dry flat. Taking extra care with bamboo rayon spandex will increase the life of your garment. You should always prewash bamboo rayon spandex because it will shrink with the first wash.

Bamboo rayon spandex does tend to wrinkle. A short tumble dry on low heat can remove wrinkles.

Cut edge does not roll

How to Cut Bamboo Rayon Spandex fabric

Bamboo rayon spandex does not roll along cut edges as much as cotton jersey. It is heavier than other knits, so you should not let it hang off your cutting table while working with it, or it will distort the fabric. It can shift while cutting, make sure to use pattern weights or pins.

How to Sew Bamboo Rayon Spandex fabric

Bamboo rayon spandex should be sewn with a ballpoint or jersey needle. You can use a serger, or a stretch stitch on your sewing machine. If you have a walking foot for your regular machine, that will help feed the fabric better without stretching it as you sew.

You should always use a pressing cloth with bamboo or rayon garments. When pressed without a cloth, they will develop a shine over the pressed area. 

Some lighter colors can be sheer

How to Care for a Bamboo Rayon Spandex garment

To prevent pilling or growing over time, wash your final garment on cold and lay flat to dry. Over time, bamboo rayon can “grow” or get longer with hanging. If possible, fold your final garment and place it on a shelf or in a drawer rather than hanging up on a hanger.


Bamboo knits are well-loved for their silky smooth softness. The addition of spandex gives great recovery so that a tighter-fitting garment can be made. Review all the luxurious bamboo rayon spandex knits at LA Finch Fabrics now.

Recommended patterns for Bamboo Rayon Spandex

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