All About Silk Jersey Fabric

All About Silk Jersey Fabric

Silk jersey fabric is the epitome of luxury and comfort, offering the flexibility of knitwear combined with the luxurious feel of silk. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into what silk jersey fabric is, the different types available, tips for washing and caring for it, and techniques for cutting and sewing with this exquisite material.

What is Silk Jersey?

Silk jersey fabric is a lightweight, stretchy textile known for its smooth texture and excellent draping qualities. It is made from silk fibers, which are spun into a fine yarn and then knitted into a jersey fabric. The result is a fabric that is breathable, lustrous, and incredibly soft against the skin.

Types of Silk Jersey

Pure Silk Jersey

Pure Silk Jersey is made entirely from silk fibers. This type of fabric is the most luxurious option. It has a beautiful sheen and a fluid drape, making it ideal for elegant evening wear and lingerie. 

Other types of Silk Jersey

Silk Blend Jersey is when silk is combined with other fibers like cotton, rayon, or spandex. Double-faced silk jersey has silk on both sides, offering a luxurious feel inside and out.

How to Wash Silk Jersey

Washing silk jersey fabric requires special care to maintain its softness and luster. Follow these steps to keep your silk jersey garments looking their best:

 - Hand wash in cold water using a gentle detergent designed for delicate fabrics

- Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, as this can stretch or damage it

- Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water without wringing

- Lay the garment flat on a towel to dry, away from direct sunlight

- Alternatively, you can dry clean silk jersey fabric for professional results

How to Cut Silk Jersey

Cutting and Silk Jersey fabric can be a bit tricky due to its slippery nature. Here are some tips to help you cut with ease:

- Use sharp scissors or a rotary cutter to cut silk jersey fabric, as dull blades can cause fraying

- Lay the fabric flat on a cutting surface and pin pattern pieces securely in place to prevent shifting

How to Sew Silk Jersey

- Use a fine needle and polyester or silk thread for sewing, as these are less likely to snag or break the delicate fibers.

- When sewing seams, use a narrow zigzag stitch or a stretch stitch to allow the fabric to stretch without popping stitches.

- To prevent puckering, use a walking foot or stretch needle when sewing seams

How to Care for Silk Jersey Garments

Continue to care for your silk jersey garment in the same way that you prepared it for sewing. If you originally had the yardage dry cleaned, you will want to stick with that method. 


Silk jersey fabric is a luxurious choice for a wide range of garments, offering unparalleled comfort, elegance, and versatility. By understanding how to work with this unique fabric, you can create beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious clothing that will last for years with proper care.

Pattern Suggestions for Silk Jersey

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Style Arc Women's Knit PJs

The Stephanie Pattern by Made For Mermaids

M8253 by McCall’s (OOP)

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