Knits VS Wovens

As you browse on-line through our collection of fabrics for garment making we list our fabrics based on weight, stretch, and hand.

Weight: In regards to weight of the fabric for your project we list tissue weight, lightweight, medium, and heavy weight. If able to list available GSM will list and please note the higher the GSM the heavier the weight in fabric.

Stretch: We list fabric stretch 2 way or 4 way. 2 way is the stretch across the grainline and 4 way is the across and with the grainline.

Recovery is important for fabrics in bounce back of fabric. 

Knits VS Wovens

 Here you can find and familiarize with what we offer! Knits come  in a variety of fibers from rayon spandex, cotton blends, poly spandex, nylon spandex, interlock knits, french terry knits, sweater knits, and more! Knits are easy for form fitting garments, wrinkle resistant, and have a super soft hand. We will be updating as we receive new fabrics. Keep in mind that we source for designer deadstock fabrics and trending fabrics offered in LA garment district. Most are non-reoderable and at this time do not offer swatches because of quick turnover.


Double Brushed Polyester Spandex Knits: These knits are intertwisted yarn denier fabric with a brushed softening to both sides of the fabric. Buttery soft fabric and ideal for leggings, dresses, tops, and maxi dresses. Excellent drape and very popular this season! Weights range from 160 GSM to 200 GSM. These knits have excellent recovery and have a suede like hand. 4 way stretch. Solids and Prints available in our online store. Looks always changing

Jersey Knits- perfect for leggings, tops, maxi skirts, scarves, pajamas, and t-shirts

Liverpool Knits- This is a textured double knit. It is a lofty polyester spandex knit. Textured crepe face with smooth backing. It is a stretchy knit, medium weight, and breathable. Comparable in weight to ponte and scuba knit. This knit gives a more structured look, little drape, and ideal for beautiful peplums, dresses, pencil skirts, but also seen in RTW for shorts, bomber jackets, and cigarette style fit pants.

Bullet Paola Knits: Comparable to liverpool knits with a tighter weave, medium weight and braided face. 

Ponte De Roma Knits- perfect beginner fabric for newbie sewists. Typically a medium weight, stable and   sturdy knit with stretch. Perfect for tops, dresses, pencil skirts, and lounge pants.

Rayon Spandex Jersey Knits-Beautiful weight and super soft! great for maxi dresses, tops, skirts, headbands, leggings, and scarves! It feels like a cross between a jersey and a cotton spandex knit.

Terry Knits- French terry and micro terry- smooth on one side and lopped fabric on the other side. Medium wight and perfect for active wear shorts, lounge pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, and shirts!

Poly Spandex  (ITY, DTY) knits- are super stretchy, slinky like smooth knits. Wrinkle resistant and perfect apparel for resort wear or for traveling. Swimwear with lining ideal for these knits, form fitting maxi dresses, palazzo pants, peplum tops, leotards, dancewear, active wear,and scarves.

Sweater Knits- open weave knits ideal for cardigans, kimonos, and medium weight hacci sweater knits are great for pants, cardigans, dresses for Fall/Winter, and more!

Swim/Perfomance/Active wear Knits- usually Nylon Spandex or Poly Spandex. Moisture Wicking and are either matte or have a slight sheen. Great for swim, dance, yoga wear, active wear, leotards.




Wovens include Rayon Challis, Voile, Chambray,Eyelet, Linen, Crepe De  Chine, Poly Chiffon, Silk, Twill, Poplin, Bubble Crepe,and many others. Typically to tell between knit and woven is a woven when scrunched will wrinkle and will not bounce back to shape like a knit.  Knits are looped repeatedly to look like small braids. Wovens are looped in multiple yarns to cross each other at right angles to form a grain.

There are so many substrates in the market for apparel wovens and the most common question is what is the difference in Rayons!

The first most common one is Rayon Challis and Rayon Twill.

Rayon challis- lightweight, semi-sheer, matte, and flowy. It is a plain weave and comparable in weight to sheeting. This is the most common substrate is rayon challis.

Rayon Voile: Comparable in weight to cotton lawn. It flows like rayon challis, has a nicer hand and light weight. Great for tops, tunics, kimonos, and dresses with a lining.

Rayon Twill- Is lightweight, drapey, and comparable to a challis however the main difference is a twill weave, so easier to sew with and is opaque. Perfect for tops, dresses, tunics,skirts.

Rayon Chambray: The most popular this season! A rayon hand with a chambray look! Drapey, flowy, breathable and perfect for blouses,skirts,tunics, maxi dresses,

Rayon Crepe: A nice medium weight ( compared to traditional challis), it is opaque, flowy, and has a crepe textured face. Perfect for rompers, dresses, skirts, harem pants, kimonos, tunics,blouses, and wide leg flowy pants.

Rayon Tencel: Tencel has a gorgeous hand and liquid like drape. Main difference compared to challis and rayon twill is it has a suede like hand. Gorgeous fabric! Maxi dress, tops, blouses, skirts,tunics, kimonos.

 Denim/Bottomweights: Vary from Stretch to non-stretch. please keep in mind of weight of fabric for your project. 

Shirting Weight Wovens: Chambray, Cotton Wovens, Blends. These listings are ideal for top-weight and may  be used for bottomweight needs just keep in mind the weights listed on the fabric.